Tuesday, July 9, 2013

25 Bookish Things About Me Tag!


    Instead of doing a video response, I'm going to make a blog response about the 25 Bookish Things About Me Tag. It's from Kristen of TheBookDiary :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coOikzXqiac
You can check out her videos and you may do this book tag if you want to. :)

So, here are my top 25 bookish things about me:

1. I am a forever Potterhead. I really love Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and I think it's the best series ever created.

2. I arrange my books according to series, regardless if it's tall or short, paperback or hardcover etc..

3. As much as possible, I want the book covers matched.

4. The first novel that I've read was "Heidi" by Johanna Spyri. It was given to me by my grandmother's sister.

5. I hate it when someone damaged my book. I get easily mad. Whether it's a torn page, dog eared and  spine marks. (OCD)

6. I read random genres. I love exploring different genres.
7. The best book movie adaptation I've watched is Flipped. (Based on the novel "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen

8. Classic is my least favorite genre. (If I am going to read one, I'm very selective on it) It's my difficult prose.

9. I love book-hunting. I hunt for the books I like in the bargain store.

10. My Dad is a bookworm too. He loves books in Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller genre. Like John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon

11. Whenever I finished a book, I have a hard time selecting of what book to read next.

12. So far, "The House of Night series" by P.C. & Kristin Cast is the longest book series I've read and it's still ongoing. I'm waiting for the 11th installment. (by the way, I love this series)

     13. I'm a night reader. 

14. I read the book first before watching the movie and... vice versa. :) It depends. 

15. I usually read the summary first before buying a book, but I'm also guilty that I buy a book because it has a beautiful cover.

16. I laugh, cried, and feel giddy on a book. Emotions!

17.  The first book signing that I went was "The Best of Me" book signing event by Nicholas Sparks. I'm so happy and I feel blessed because I was one of the 1000 people to get a signing pass. 
Here is the proof: 
Nicholas Sparks & I. Sorry I looked haggard (October 2011)

18. I love sniffing my books. Especially if it's new. 

19. I enjoyed the "Shopaholic Series" by Sophie Kinsella. I'm disappointed with the movie though.

20. I'm hooked with Greek Mythology because of the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians series" by Rick Riordan. It's entertaining and you get information about Greek Gods and Goddesses at the same time. It helped me in my Literature class.

21.  I love reading Indie novels. :)

22. I love Goodreads website! add me there peeps. ;)

23. I read paperbacks, hardcovers and e-books. But I still prefer the physical copies.

24. I always lose my bookmark. So I use post-its when marking the pages or anything. (scratch of paper, cards etc.

25. I don't count how many books I have. It's just there. I love my book collection and I keep them coming. ;)

That's all folks! :D

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