Monday, January 20, 2014

Gayle Forman in Manila

All The Feels Philippines

I've been so excited in meeting Gayle Forman. I'm so prepared for this event and did you know that I almost didn't attend this too? I really thought I wouldn't be able to see her, but God is good. I met her.
Meeting her is an early birthday gift to me. I won't forget January 18 because her book signing is the same day as my thesis defense and our family gathering

You might find it ridiculous, but I wished that day that I could divide myself into three parts. Everything just happened on the SAME DAY AT THE SAME TIME. Of course, I have to attend on our thesis defense. It ended @ 7pm (We passed the defense by the way, which is so good!) and I was so late on the book signing event. I wasn't able to hear her interviews and I keep texting or calling my bookworm friends to update me. I almost lose my hope that day and I prayed that I would get to see her though I'm so late. When I arrived....

The signing has begun.

and still...

I met & hugged her...

and got my copies signed :)

I also met my Goodreads/Bookworm friends. Camille, Rhyzza, Jane, and Allen (not pictured). I so love meeting new bookish friends. :) I'll see you guys again soon!
(L-R) Camille, Me, Rhyzza & Jane

More book signings to come folks!

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