Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mitch Albom in Manila!

 Last February  22, 2014, Saturday.

Manila, Philippines

Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays with Morrie, Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day, The Time Keeper, Have A Little Faith and his latest book, The First Phone Call From Heaven went to Manila for a book signing event.

He became popular for writing these novels, for touching the lives of many readers around the world. It was one of the most awaited and the biggest book signing event happened here in the Philippines next to Nicholas Sparks. I have read two of his books (Have A Little Faith and For One More Day) which really touched my heart, left me with tears and enlightened my life with a lesson.

So, if you want a book that will make you inspired, I highly suggest you read his books. You will definitely not regret it. 

I was really excited that day because I was going to meet him and get my book signed. I even bought his book one week ahead before the signing. Hahaha! I was with my my classmate, Angelique and with my lovely bookish friends, Rhyzza, Jane, and Kathrina during the event. I tell you, having a book signing event here in the Philippines was an awesome experience and totally worth it. I always grab the opportunity of meeting them. :) 

By 11 am, the registration was cut-off because the crowd was massive already and hit 2000, which is ridiculous! Glad we were there and got a good view and we were just waiting for him to come out.
From L-R Jane, Rhyzza, Kathrina, Me, & Angelique

How many people attended the event?

From what I heard, 4,000 people attended the event. Or more? I don't really know the exact number. One thing I know is, IT'S MASSIVE. (credits to National Bookstore) This is just an epic crowd. I am proud to be one of these people.

Mitch Albom was definitely surprised with this crowd and considered Filipinos as one of his biggest group readers in the world (next to Americans). It was such an awesome experience to attend this event and everything is worth it. I don't mind waiting for hours because good things come to those who wait (as an old saying says. haha!)

He was so kind and friendly. I wouldn't forget he talked to me for such a short period of time and thank him for signing my book. Here is a picture of me with Mitch. (I'm really sorry if I looked so haggard. I went to the event immediately after my class.

From L-R : Angelique, Jane, Rhyzza and Me

After the book signing event
I can't help smiling. I just had a book-signing hangover.
There's more to come and I will update you on that.

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  1. I was supposed to go with my sister but life got in the way! Awesome experience :D

  2. Looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing!! :)