Monday, April 14, 2014

Divergent Movie Review

Sorry for the late post.
It's been a while since I write here on my blog because I'm really busy with school stuffs. So I'm back to write my first movie review here.

Watched: 3/22/14

I've watched it together with my Bookish Girlfriends (Camille, Rhyzza, Jane and Kath) and we have seriously had a fan-girling moment for Theo James.

We judged it according to:

Reading the book first before watching the movie:
Rhyzza, Jane and me.
Watching the movie first before reading the book:
Camille and Kath

...the result: WE HAVE THE SAME REACTION. 

One word.
Seriously, it's really good. Everything is just beautiful! Gosh! It's worth waiting and watching it. I have something to add in my Best book to movie adaptation list. It did follow the book (the movie was a bit long.) and I think most of the parts were there and there are some changes but you'll barely notice it (It didn't bothered me that much). I think it's faithful on the book in a way the highlighted scenes from the book were there. If they included all the scenes from the book, maybe the movie will be longer than expected, so, I think it was enough and I'm satisfied with it.  OMG. Theo James is so HOT! I was really surprised on him. He did portrayed Four really well. It is definitely a MUST WATCH  movie. I am having a movie hangover and fan-girling on FOUR. hahaha!

Best part of the movie:
The zip-line. It's the most beautiful scene ever. I can't help being emotional, I fought back my tears. (Deep inside. gosh. IT FEELS) The background song made it more POWERFUL. "I Need You" by M83, listen to this song. Remembering Allegiant. :(   

Veronica Roth has a cameo. It's up to you to find her (I found her in one scene). 

A little flaw..

 Peter. I find him more sarcastic in the book than in the movie but Miles Teller did a great job. (He's adorable by the way.) :) 

The casting however was still.... awkward. if you know what I mean. ;)

Kudos to the Divergent casts, the director and of course, Veronica Roth! Of course, I will watch it again. There's no limit right? this deserves a 10/10 stars on IMDB.


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