Monday, October 27, 2014

Book Creatures of the Night tag

Halloween is coming and to celebrate it,  I would like to do this tag created by one of my favorite booktubers, Kat from Katytastic. I may not be a booktuber, but I enjoyed their videos of expressing their love for books. These consists of our favorite supernatural creatures from books or just mention some if you don't have a favorite. Some of the book characters here are popular and some were underrated characters. I might mention some spoilers, so BEWARE!

 I saw Salve's instagram saying she did this tag and I want to do it too. Check out her blog @ Cuckoo for Books :)


- He is this sexy, cocky, royal vampire in Vampire Academy and Rose Hathaway's former love interest (I hate her for breaking his heart) and now, he is Sydney Sage's. TEAM SYDRIAN!  Okay, let's get serious how I love him. He is selfless and he will give everything to make his love one happy even it will break his heart. I haven't continued the Bloodlines series yet, but I'm on my way there. 


- Well, Well, who would hate this D.A.D.A (Defense Against Dark Arts) professor? He's one of the best. I'm not really a fan of werewolves. I've only encountered three (including him). Jacob Black from Twilight and Luke Garroway from The Mortal Instruments series. But Lupin is my favorite


- The picture above is a bind up of three novels in the series. Tristan Carruthers is Ivy's love interest who passed away when they had an accident. Then, his spirit is roaming around, acting as a guardian angel to keep Ivy safe from threats. That their accident isn't just an accident. If you want something with ghosts, this is definitely a must read. It's also a tear-jerker.


- "Obviously" (In Severus Snape's voice)


- She's counted, right? I haven't read the book but I've watched the movie. I cannot say that she's a true villain. Though in story books she's considered to be one. This doesn't destroyed my childhood. I am actually glad to know her story. There's always a reason why she became an antagonist. She's a good fairy,because of love, it made her heart dark. Unmerciful. 


- I've read Warm Bodies.It's the only zombie book I've read so I don't have a choice. I like it but it's not my favorite, I might be guilty for this because I like the movie better. Please don't hate me. The movie has more sense of humor and it's really cute.  

- I haven't read this book, BUT I have a little introduction about her on I Am Number Four. I am more interested of her character than Four himself. Seriously. I want to read this but.. not sure if it's good because the first one is really boring.


-  I heard mixed reviews about this book. Basically, this is the first fallen angel book I've read and loved. I don't mind some of Patch's cheesy lines. He is a romantic bad boy/fallen angel, *fangirling* Swoon worthy guy.



- The Half-Demon warlock from The Mortal Instruments series. He's the first one that pops out of my mind. I bet Alec is singing to happiness. 

Super-powered Human

- I like Hollow City than Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, I like it, but not really my favorite. I got bored on some parts and its writing style. There are so many characters and recalling their names and superpowers are difficult to remember. (Please don't hate me. I know some of you love this series but, ) On the other hand, I'm impressed with Jacob's gift. His peculiarity was revealed on this book and it's definitely unique. I love it! 

As for the tag, I'm tagging everyone! :D


  1. Nice one!!! I especially love your "Obviously" in Snape's voice! That made me laugh!!

  2. I love your answers! :D
    Remus is my favorite werewolf! The trio from Harry Potter are the best witches/wizards too. I'm not really a fan of faeries but I think Maleficent is great. I have to agree that the movie for Warm Bodies was better D: And I am just crazy of Patch and Magnus! :D

    I'm a new follower btw :D

    - The Reading Izzy