Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Auto - Buy Authors : Adult

Now we are down to my final category of Auto-Buy Authors. I already posted earlier this week my auto - buy authors for Young Adult Category and New Adult Category just click the link to check my list of authors on those categories.  Anyways, this category is quite challenging because I have a lot in my mind. My adult category can be romance, fiction, mystery/thriller etc.. (mostly romance) This is not in chronological order.


1. Nicholas Sparks. I absolutely love his books because it never failed to make me emotional. His stories are captivating, inspiring, heart-warming, and heartbreaking. Out of all his books, Safe Haven is my favorite because the plot is unique. 

2. Mitch Albom. Another favorite author of mine. Like Nicholas Sparks, his books are indeed inspiring and heart-warming. He makes you think your realizations in life. Shame on me, but I haven't read Tuesdays with Morrie or even The Five People You Meet in Heaven. For One More Day is my favorite.

3.Sophie Kinsella. When it comes to Chick-Lit, Sophie Kinsella is indeed my choice. I am a fan of The Shopaholic Series and I absolutely enjoy it to bits. Becky Bloomwood is such a clever woman (I just love her) and she back after years! Looking forward to read Shopaholic to the Stars. (The name of my blog is inspired by this series. Who wouldn't resist books?) 

4. Sylvain Reynard. I love how Sylvain Reynard creates a love story mixed with a classic literature. It's so beautiful. Gabriel's Inferno is definitely one of my favorite Adult Romance series of all time because I love how it's focus on the conflicts than its romance. Seriously, I love that kind of twist. Gabriel Emerson is my dream guy. 

5. R.K. Lilley. I've recently read Bad Things (credits to my Book Girlfriends for recommending me this.) and I freaking love it! Whoo! Let me just say this, it's freaking HOT. Like Scorching Hot. The romance is just intense. Want some intense adult romance? R.K. Lilley is the choice. 

6. E.K. Blair. Her books are also recommended to me by my Book Girlfriends. I love her writing style and her love stories have heavy conflicts, plus steamy sex scenes. She's good on leaving surprises by the way, that will leave you shocked and screamed on top of your lungs. ( Bang, Black Lotus #1)

7. Christina Lauren. I really love these coauthors (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings). I have so much love for the Beautiful Bastard series because the story will just give you butterflies and it will definitely make you laugh till your jaw hurts. Also, their male leads are absolutely sexy. ;) Max Stella is bae.

8. Nora Roberts. My love for Adult Romance started with Ms. Roberts. Her books are complex, page turners and the twist could be anything. It can be mixed mystery or fantasy or even cultural but the romance is still there and it's steamy. 

9.  Samantha Young. I'm indeed a big fan of Samantha Young's books ever since I've read On Dublin Street. Her books are just magnificent. I love the romance, the characters and the way it's written, there is so much feels to it. I don't how the explain that but I'm engrossed on her books. I craved for her books and it's definitely included on my all time favorite Adult Romance series <3 

So that's all of my auto-buy authors classified according to genre. 

How about you? Who are your auto-buy authors? Feel free to share your thoughts. I would love to hear it. :)

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