Monday, March 23, 2015

My Auto-Buy Authors: New Adult

New Adult (NA) fiction is a developing genre of fiction with protagonists in the 18–25 age bracket.  St. Martin's Press first coined the term in 2009, when they held a special call for "...fiction similar to YA that can be published and marketed as adult—a sort of an 'older YA' or 'new adult'."[1] New Adult fiction tends to focus on issues such as leaving home, developing sexuality, and negotiating education and career choices.[2] - Source: Wikipedia

Here are some of my Auto - Buy Authors belonging in New Adult genre. Most of the authors I have on my list are considered The Queens of New Adult Genre. I've been addicted to New Adult since 2012 and I'm glad I have been introduced to it. (My list is not in chronological order)

New Adult

1. Tammara Webber. She is the author of Easy, which is the first New Adult novel I've read and loved. Her books will give you that jittery feeling and swoon-worthy romance. I highly recommend any book by her if you want to start with New Adult.

2. Colleen Hoover. My love for her books started way back 2012 when I've read Slammed. I sort of had a habit of reading her books according to its publishing date. Her books are just butterflying amazeballs! Just a reminder, have tissues beside you. Most of her books are tear-jerkers.

3. Abbi Glines. I absolutely love her books. When I started The Sea Breeze series, I have this urge to start the next book immediately. It's fast-paced, romantic, cute and light read. I don't mind reading all night because I can't stop reading. (Of course, with swoon worthy guys in it)

4.  J.A. Redmerski. What comes in my mind? Andrew Parrish and Camryn Bennett. Yes dear. Edge of Never and Edge of Always will always be my bae. My next read will be In the Company of Killers series. I'm very excited because it's a darker read and more romance.

5. S.C. Stephens. Credits to my Book Girlfriends for introducing me to this author. Thank you for introducing me to Kellan Kyle and I'm damn fangirling about him. Thoughtless series = Kellan Kyle / DBags obsession. There is so much feels in that series, I swear. Worth it.

6. Mia Asher. I've only read Arsen (Debut novel) and I must say it's one emotional roller coaster. I love her writing style and the romance is intense. She is amazing. Looking forward on her upcoming novels.

7. Rachel Van Dyken. I'm obsessed with her books. It all started with the Eagle Elite series then Ruin series and I am currently waiting for the next installment for Eagle Elite which is Elude (Sergio's story). I just want more of RVD books. I love the romance, the writing style, the characters, and the conflicts. Worth reading and definitely unputdownable.

I will post my Adult category soon because it's going to be a long one. 


  1. This was definitely an interesting post since I don't read many NA authors these days. I've heard of Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover. I would really want to read a CH book!! Awesome post and Jennifer L. Armentrout is also an awesome NA writer for paranormal romance. I suggest the Dark Elements series, you'll love it!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Thank you Alex! I highly recommended any CoHo book. :) Definitely worth it. I've read a Jennifer L. Armentrout book called "Don't Look Back" and I love it. I will venture out on that series. Thanks for the rec! :)