Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Auto-Buy Authors: Young Adult

There is always a moment when we love an author, we wait for his/her new book to be released and automatically we buy it or sometimes pre-order it.  In this post, I'm going to name my Auto-Buy Authors. I have lots of authors in my mind and I'm going to try my best to name them all and I hope I don't miss any of my favorites. This is going to be a long post, please bear with me. Thank you! Note: This is not in chronological order and categorize according to Young Adult, New Adult and Adult.

Young Adult

1. Kasie West. Ever since I've read The Distance Between Us, I am instantly hooked with her writing style. Her books gave me that jittery feeling and you just want to squeal with happiness. I've read On the Fence and I really like it as well. However, I haven't read Pivot Point and Split Second (I will definitely read this soon because I heard lots of great things about it.)

2. J.K. Rowling.  Well, too obvious to explain. haha! 

3. Veronica Rossi. I've loved Under the Never Sky trilogy and it's definitely included on my best dystopia trilogies ever written because the main characters got the angst and the world building will give you goosebumps. It's amazing and I would definitely read more books from Ms. Rossi.

4. Becca Fitzpatrick. She wrote Hush Hush Saga, and it's the first series I've read about fallen angels. Can I say Patch Cipriano is a lovable, romantic, badass character? I fell in love with the story. Definitely one of my favorites. 

5. Veronica Roth.  I know she broke our hearts by the end of the Divergent trilogy. Still, I love the way she created the Divergent world as a whole. She is one of those authors that will give you an adrenaline rush when you read her books. I seriously love that thrill.

6. Marie Lu. Yes. Yes. Yes. She's awesome! Legend trilogy just left me speechless. I'm satisfied but I crave for more. (Confusing isn't it?). She brilliantly wraps up that trilogy. Once you start reading her books, there is no dull moment. Just pure awesomeness.

7. Jenny Han. All her books are worth the read and just perfect to get you out of the reading slump. I love the way she writes her stories because it's light, quirky, cute and will definitely give you bliss. I can't wait to get my hands on P.S. I Still Love You. A quick blurb: I want some Kavinsky here.

8. Wendelin Van Draanen. Yes my friends, if you haven't read Flipped then you are missing something. Her novels truly defines Young Adult Romance. Hands down. I'm definitely reading more of her books. That's for sure.

9. Rick Riordan. I would like to thank this author because he helped me study Greek Mythology in a light way. Seriously, Percy Jackson made me hooked to Greek Mythology and I enjoyed my World Literature class. PJO is a must read!

10. P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. I'm a huge fan of House of Night series. Waiting for each book to be release might be an agony but it's sure the wait. I have an insta-love for the characters and the story. I just love how they collaborated in that series and surely to look forward their future novels. Nerd Herd love <3 HoN is definitely one of my favorite Paranormal series all time.

11. Richelle Mead. Another favorite author of mine when it comes to Paranormal Romance. Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series are worth the read if you love Vampire series. Definitely an action-packed, with a twist.

12. Katie McGarry. Oh goodie. I'm proudly addicted to her books. They are emotional and the romance is just.... hands down amazing. I love it. I love it. Dare You To is my favorite. So much feelings.

I will post my New Adult category next. ;)


  1. Ahh I have so many auto-buy authors. xD

    Kasie West is definitely one of mine too. I ADORED her Pivot Point duology and On the Fence. The Distance Between Us was cute too. I can't wait for The Fill-in Boyfriend! <3

    Eep, I haven't read all of JK Rowling's stuff yet. D: So far I've only read HP 1-4. Whoops.

    Marie Lu also! I didn't love The Young Elites too much, but her Legend trilogy is the absolute best. Champion was just <3.

    Rick Riordan definitely made first quarter of world history a lot easier for me. ;) I adore his PJO & HoO books, and I'll definitely get to the Kane Chronicles books soon and I'm excited for Sword of Summer!

    Richelle Mead is the queen of awesome. VA has a special place in my heart and I'll finish the Bloodlines series as soon as I can. ;) Very excited for Soundless!

    1. Looking forward to read Pivot Point duology. I can't wait to read The Fill-in Boyfriend <3 I'll never get enough of Kasie West. I love her.

      I still have to read HoO, Kane Chronicles and Bloodlines series. :))

  2. I LOVED Flipped but I've not gotten to read any of Wendelin Van Draanen's other books. I should fix that soon. :) I haven't been buying anything from JK Rowling lately because I don't read adult very often, and since HP that's really all she's been writing; is it worth trying out? Marie Lu is DEFINITELY on my auto-buy list as well. The ending to the Legend trilogy...omg, so good. :)

    1. I am planning to read J.K. Rowling's adult books, I heard mixed reviews about it but we'll see and I'll let you know if it's worth the try.

      Legend is truly one of the best trilogies ever written. That ending.. I agree. Gosh. Amazing!

  3. J.K. Rowling and Veronica Roth are on my auto-buy list! I am so excited for Veronica's new books, but I don't think I can wait two years!

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    1. I agree! it's a pure agony to wait for her new books. Time flies by fast and I'm very excited for it.

  4. I can't decide if J.K. Rowling is on my auto-buy list... while I love Harry Potter (who doesn't!) I have not intention to read her adult books. Rick Riordan however is definitely near the top :D

    Most recent post on Enchanted by YA:

    1. I heard mixed reviews about it.. but I still might try it.
      Rick Riordan is definitely one of the best authors ever. <3 I still have to read his HoO series and Kane Chronicles. Loving all those mythologies.

  5. KASIE WEST and JK Rowling. OMG YES. I love these two!

    I actually hate Becca Fitzpatrick so *laughing emoji*

    I don't know if I love Veronica Roth anymore. i LOVED Divergent, liked Insurgent and hated Allegiant. It didn't work for me. I didn't even care about the ending to Allegiant, there was just a lot that let me down. but she's writing something new which excites me!

    Katie McGarry and Jenny Han write the feelsy contemps that I LOVE

  6. I love this idea! I agree with you about so many of these. Richelle Mead, Katie McGarry! Also for me, Kiera Cass & Ellen Hopkins