Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY (3) : Books I Read in One Sitting

Hello everyone! It's Top 5 Wednesday. This is created by Lainey of gingerreadslainey and check out the goodreads group for more topics and discussions. For this week's topic Books I Read in One Sitting. Such a very interesting topic this week and I am trying to remember the books that I've read in one sitting. 

May I present you the books in no particular order:

  • This is Colleen Hoover's debut novel. I've read this 3 years ago and I will not forget how this book slammed me. I started reading around 7 in the evening and finished it around 5 in the morning with my eyes red and puffy. I was that emotional and it's indeed a beautiful book. This book is the reason why I fell in love with her books. I'm glad I found this gem and I want to thank Ate Novel and Ate Jona for recommending this book to me.  The poems are just beautiful and the story is heartwarming.
  • One of the books that has a beautiful cover with a wonderful, refreshing story. I simply adore the story and the characters are cute and romantic in their own way. It is an easy, light read and I'm sure to look forward on reading more of Lauren Morrill's books.
  • Every time I read Abbi Glines' books, I can't help being hooked with it. I've read The Sea Breeze series and I absolutely enjoy it. Some of the books I've read it for days merely because I'm busy with school stuffs at that time. However, I've read While It Lasts in one sitting. This book is going to be a movie on 2016 and I am looking forward to it. (Hi Addam Bramich!)
  • My first Kasie West book and I'm definitely impressed on how cute and easy read it is. I just adore it so much and it gave me butterflies on my tummy. I found this book while browsing at the bookstore and the title just captivated me, as well as it's summary. Thank goodness for this book for taking away my reading slump!
  • This is a New Adult novel and I find this one really good in my opinion. Even if it's a light and short read, the emotion is just raw and the feels. I get teary-eyed on this. I really enjoyed it.
Most of the books I've read are contemporary novels because it takes away my reading slump. So what are the books you've read in one sitting?

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